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Think Void

9th Sep 2016, re-released through Sony DADC on 24th Nov 2017.



Think Void” has 3 metaphors – World, Void and Web. While the Web metaphor depicts man-made flaws and imperfections in this world, the World metaphor depicts affection, help and co-existence as the essence of human life.

Void metaphor depicts the element that’s believed to be the source of all creation and creativity.


Web is exemplified by “Like all else, this too shall pass. It’s neither the world nor its end”. It consists of the first 4 songs from the album.

world  is exemplified by “Be aware Within. Be good to all creation, within and without.” It consists of the next 4 songs from the album.

Void  is exemplified by “We exist because of it. We are in it and It is in us”. It consists of the last 4 songs from the album.

The “Void” section would sound like the same song being played 4 times. Well, not so. The drum-pattern across all the 4 songs, remains a constant. This portrays the void around us – constant, all-pervasive and expansive. Everything that we hear is encompassed by it. Hence, the songs, have different tunes, but all in the same beat-pattern. Each song has a different set of foley or ambient sound effects from our everyday life. Remember, void can be sensed only by hearing? And all of what you hear around you includes music and sounds.

This is exactly what the songs intend to portray – a reflection of our daily lives, very much within the void.

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